I began working with wood over 30 years ago because a friend of mine had a house he wanted to do things in and he asked for my help.  Neither one of us had the slightest idea what we were doing but we bashed away as best we could.  He had lived in Japan for a time and wanted Japanese influenced wooden elements in his home.  So, we looked at pictures and did our best to copy what we saw.  We learned by doing.  I kept at it and started building things I wanted or needed but didn't have and could not afford.  A mahogany desk for me, a built-in sewing center for my mother, bits and pieces of this and that to meet a need or request.  Over the years, all the different projects have produced some level of experience as a finish carpenter. People have seen what I have designed and built and asked me to do something unique for them.  And I have. I am no expert carpenter but I am brave and am willing to try whatever is asked of me. In the last years, I have done quite a bit using cypress and live oak and they render beautifully.  Below are some photographs of some of my carpentry projects.  
A bunk room for kids: "The Swamp".  Four twin bunk beds built of pecky cypress, regular cypress pickled as bunks' "ceilings", cypress ladders, pecky cypress plaque with alligator skull. Faux alligator hide on drawer faces.
"Swamp" bunk detail showing pecky cypress headboard, regular cypress pickled "ceiling", 12V reading light, and section of a swamp picture printed on vinyl.
"Swamp" Bedroom: Map and Slider turtle shells mounted on pecky cypress plaque.
"Live Oak" Bedroom.  Live Oak headboard with some rough edges left to foil the smooth, waxed surfaces of the rest of headboard.  Headboard is upholstered with padded sisal rug section.  Live Oak cantilevered nightstands to match.  Framed photo over bed by Christopher John.
Live Oak Bedroom headboard detail
Pickled cypress headboard with inserts of sweetgrass "rounds" made by Barbara Manigault.
Sweetgrass headboard detail of corner.
Seetgrass headboard: detail of sweetgrass panel by Barbara Manigault
Sweetgrass Bedroom: Nightstand of regular cypress, waxed, with inset of seagrass basket woven rug to relate to sweetgrass "rounds" in headboard.
"Crab" Bedroom: Headboard of pickled cypress with slatted design to relate to pair of cypress "crab pot" nightstands.
Crab Pot nightstands of regular cypress, pickled.
"Oyster" Bedroom: Headboard of ship lapped regular cypress, pickled the colors of the inside of an oyster shell, waxed.  Nightstands are oyster collecting buckets on antique cypress boxes.
"Oyster" headboard.  Painting by Brenda Lawson
"Oyster" bedroom nightstand with glass top.
"Oyster" Bedroom nightstands filled with real oyster shells.
"Scallop" bedroom: Upholstered headboard with real black scallop shells made into "buttons" to simulate button upholstery.
"Scallop" Bedroom.   Painting by Brenda Lawson.
"Scallop" Bedroom upholstered headboard detail.  Sunbrella Posh Charcoal fabric with real black scallop shell "buttons".
Black scallop shell "button" detail
Painted, pickled, and distressed pecky cypress plaque with painted and distressed metal mullet fish.  Fish by Fred Moore.
"Lowcountry Suite" Bedroom.  Headboard of 100+ year old cypress floorboards, pickled and ship lapped.  "Tin" roof from old building in Pawleys Island. Paintings by Brenda Lawson.
"Lowcountry Suite" headboard.
Lowcountry Suite headboard rafter and "tin" roof detail.
Lowcountry Suite club chairs and octagonal ottoman of distressed wrought iron, wormhole pine, and faux alligator hide upholstery.
Lowcountry ottoman detail.
Lowcountry Suite desk and chair.  Painting of Hobcaw Barony scene by Brenda Lawson
Lowcountry Suite bookends: Live Oak and green Turbo Marmoratus shells.
Kitchen/Dining Room: 10 foot long double octagonal pedestal raised panel, waxed cypress island with 45" bridge.  100+ year old cypress floorboard lightbox above in same footprint as island.
Kitchen Island
Kitchen Island
Kitchen Island pedestal doors have pulls made of shells collected from the beach outside.
Kitchen Island lightbox of 100+ year old cypress floorboards, pickled, and waxed to reflect light.
View to Dining Room and Great Room from Kitchen.  Note two waxed pecky cypress columns at top of stair.
Great Room:  Pecky cypress mantel, distressed, pickled, waxed regular cypress. Fireplace cabinets with pickled pecky cypress door insets.  Twin wrought iron cattail coffee tables.
Great Room mantel detail: pecky cypress left rough on mantel body but finished on top to resist spills.
Great Room fireplace flanking cabinet.  Regular cypress distressed, pickled, and waxed shelf front bands and countertop.  Cypress "panels" in cabinet interior are spaced 1/8" apart and a darker color painted in the space revealed. Nautilus shell/Live Oak bookends.  Vintage fishing net repair shuttle
Great Room: Fireplace cabinet "lowers" of painted cypress banding, pickled pecky cypress panels, and door pulls made of oyster shells from beach outside.
Great Room: Twin coffee tables made of worm eaten pine, distressed wrought iron cattails.
Great Room loveseat and cattail coffee table.
Cattail coffee table.
Cattail coffee table detail.
Cypress "Tomobako": Japanese wooden box for a valuable piece of pottery.
Distressed and Pickled mantel made of old barn wood siding.
Cypress partners' desk (Six feet wide and 
7 1/2 feet long) with leather inlaid tops.
Gazebo with wrought iron railings and balusters.  Top and finial are copper.
Below are photographs of the interior of a 4,000 sq. ft. oceanfront home for which I recently provided all interior work.  Click on a photo to open the grid as a gallery and to read the description of the photo.  This project is described in detail in the booklet "A Tour of Paradise Point" located at the bottom of this page.
10 foot long raised panel waxed cypress kitchen island with 100+ year old cypress (pickled/waxed)  lightbox above.
100+ year old cypress (had been floorboards of an old house) headboard, shiplapped, pickled, with "tin" roof from an old building in Pawleys Island, SC