If you would like to commission something to be custom made (bespoke), please use the info on the Contact page of this website to call or email me.  

What is the difference between "original" and "custom made/bespoke"?  An "original" item is something that I designed and made to sell but had no particular person in mind as the buyer.  It is "original" because I made it by hand and another one just like it does not exist. "Custom" or "bespoke" (the latter is a word used more in the other English speaking countries) is something that I designed and made just for the person who commissioned it.  It might have very personal elements related to that person or the person may have suggested all or part of the design.  It is also unique and original and all about the one who commissioned it.  What a great gift to give someone!!  Call me and let's get to work on it.