I design and create things because I love it. I am not formally trained although I have taken workshops and classes in pottery and blacksmithing, for example. I believe the best way to learn is to get some basic guidance and information and then throw yourself in and muddle through as best as you can. I also strongly believe that copying the work of others is a great place to get inspiration and learn new things. Eventually, the copying decreases and one's own style emerges as new skills and techniques are built on that were first learned while copying.  

My education and professional career is that of Clinical Psychology and Organizational Psychology. I have worked as an organizational consultant to a number of well known companies and have also operated my own practice of Clinical Psychology in which I have seen individuals for therapy and performed a wide variety of evaluations.

I have, over the years, developed my skills as a fabricator of interior architectural and exterior garden/landscape elements. I offer custom designed/manufactured pieces in wood, steel (wrought iron) and ceramics. At times, I combine two or all three of these in one piece.  But I also enjoy designing gardens, homes (especially restorations or renovations). You can see examples of all the areas in which I work on the Gallery page of this website.  

I love challenges and welcome custom (bespoke) projects. If you have one in mind or want to discuss one, please call or email me!